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Transgender Legal Issues

Our attorneys find creative, effective solutions to


the legal hurdles faced by trans* clients.

The attorneys of Jerner & Palmer, P.C. help trans* adults and the parents of trans* minors through the often-confusing maze of laws and administrative regulations to obtain legal name and gender changes and to obtain changes to name and sex designations on birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and other identification documents. Jerner & Palmer, P.C. attorneys also provide trans* clients with advice and representation regarding marriage validity, divorce, estate planning, step-parent and second-parent adoption, assisted reproduction law, and child custody.

Because the legal issues and challenges facing trans* persons are at the cutting edge of the law and are constantly changing, it is important for these individuals to obtain knowledgeable, committed legal advocates. The attorneys of Jerner & Palmer, P.C. are at the forefront of finding creative, effective solutions to the legal hurdles clients face during and after transition.

Additional information regarding name and gender changes to identity documents for Pennsylvania residents may be downloaded here.


Benjamin Jerner is a leader in this field and has authored numerous publications including a chapter in Transgender Family Law: A Guide to Effective Advocacy.

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